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Peedy the Parrot: Interactive Music Assistant. David Kurlander and Microsoft's User Interface and Graphics Research Group. 1995. Duration: 4:55.

Shortly after I arrived at Microsoft Research, the User Interface and Graphics Research Group embarked on an effort to build an intelligent, conversational, animated 3D user interface, called "Peedy the Parrot". My role was that of naysayer. Knowing the current state of Artificial Intelligence technology, I was skeptical that we would be able to create a usable technology. While I believe my perspective was proven out over time, we still did manage to do some good research along the way.

On the project, I was responsible for the animation sequencing component. That component is documented in the CHI paper below:

David Kurlander and Daniel T. Ling.  Planning-Based Control of Interface Animation.  Proceedings of CHI ‘95.  May 1995.  pp. 472-479.  Denver, CO. 

The animation shown here was created as a video figure for that paper. In fact, the paper contains a broken link to this video, which disappeared during a revamping of the MSR web site. However, I have reanimated it here for your agent-based viewing excitement.

A video of a Peedy the Parrot demo during Bill Gates' 1995 Winter Consumer Electronics Show keynote is also viewable from this site. Several talented individuals contributed their sweat and brainpower to the Peedy project. Fellow members of Club Peedy included Gene Ball, David Thiel, Tim Skelly, Andy Stankosky, Maarten van Dantzich, David Pugh, Dan Ling, John Miller, and Trace Wax.

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Microsoft Surface Table (PlayTable)

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The .NET Show: The Mobile Internet Toolkit

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Car Talk Internet Show Featuring Comic Chat

(Date: December 1996, Duration: 01:25). In the early days of the Internet, MSN produced a daily show featuring Click and Clack of the Car Talk radio program, with visuals generated by Comic Chat.

Microsoft Commercial Featuring Comic Chat

(Date: Fall 1996, Duration: 00:30). This 1996 commercial featured a number of Microsoft products, including Comic Chat! It was aired prominently on network TV.

Bill Gates' MIT Speech Featuring Comic Chat

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Comic Chat

(Date: January 1996, Duration: 6:27). Comic Chat was the first Microsoft product created by DJ, beginning as a small project within Microsoft Research. Here is a video of Comic Chat created to accompany the SIGGRAPH '96 paper.

Bill Gates' 1995 Winter CES Keynote Featuring Peedy the Parrot

(Date: January 12, 1995, Duration: 6:40). DJ contributed to an effort to build an animated 3D conversational interface at Microsoft Research. Here, Peedy the Parrot is being demoed during Bill Gates' 1995 Winter Consumer Electronics Show keynote.

Peedy the Parrot: Interactive Music Assistant

(Date: 1995, Duration: 4:55). Early on at Microsoft Research, DJ worked on a 3D-animated interface agent, named "Peedy the Parrot". It was a multidisciplinary group effort, and DJ focused on animation sequencing. This video created for his CHI '95 paper, shows Peedy in action.

Graphical Editing by Example: The Job Talk

(Date: May 1992, Duration: 67:57). David (DJ) Kurlander presents his PhD research, "Graphical Editing by Example", a suite of techniques to reduce the repetition in graphical editing. DJ gave this talk at various research labs and universities throughout the country. Here, DJ is presenting the talk at Microsoft Research, which ended up hiring him.

Graphical Editing by Example: A Demonstration

(Date: March 1992, Duration: 15:06). In this video companion piece to David (DJ) Kurlander's PhD thesis, he demonstrates five example-based techniques to reduce repetition in graphical editing: graphical search and replace, constraint-based search and replace, constraints from multiple snapshots, editable graphical histories, and graphical macros by example.

Editable Graphical Histories: The Video

(Date: 1990, Duration: 2:42). Editable graphical histories visually represent the history of a graphical application. This early videotape shows the initial implementation.

The MatchTool: An Introduction to Graphical Search and Replace

(Date 1988. Duration: 6:42) Graphical search and replace is a technique for making repetitive changes to graphical properties (including shape) in a graphical editor. It is the graphical analog to search and replace in text editors. This is a companion video to the 1988 SIGGRAPH paper.