Jake Kurlander
  This is me - Jake Kurlander.


Hi I’m Jake Kurlander. I was born in 1999 and I like traveling a lot. I have gone to Disney World 3 times, Maryland 2 times, Australia once, and Italy once. I also like Yu-gi-oh and Pokemon (they are trading card games). I play the guitar well and a little piano. My dad takes guitar lessons with me. I don’t have any pets but I sort of want an eel.

My favorite band is Recess Monkey which is a band that is made up of 3 teachers, two from my school and one from my friend’s school. Some more of my hobbies are biking and reading. Some of my favorite books series are Bone, the Secrets of Droon, and Harry Potter. I also like computer games. Some of my favorite websites are www.miniclip.com and www.nitrome.com. My favorite computer games are Age of Empires and Age of Mythology.

What You Will Find Here

I am working on my site now - there will be more soon!

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